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Talking Sustainability in Bunbury

The Natural Temptation cafe began in 1989 and were at the forefront in providing a wholefood choice for Bunbury folk. Having a health food and surf shop beginning, our focus has always been on providing a preservative and additive free food cuisine. Way back when in 1989, 30 years ago, healthy style food in cafes was still the domain of the new age hippies, surfer and little old ladies who enjoyed their brown bread sandwiches. Food culture has come a long way since then with TV cooking shows and Master chef competitions promoting farm fresh food, preservative free and making your own.  

The Natural Temptation Cafe ethos has been to be honest in our sustainable ethics. We always endeavour to incorporate the health of our body and health of the environment as an important lifestyle choice. We are indeed passionate about educating our customers that everyone has a part to play. It all starts with awareness, mindset and taking action.

Part of our commitment to take positive action towards a sustainable business has been:

  • We produce all our foods within the cafe kitchen from base ingredients
  • Closed Loop Organics system
  • Environmentally friendly packaging

We produce all our foods within the cafe kitchen from base ingredients

We make all our sauces, chutney mayo etc because we know exactly what ingredients are in them but also because we want to minimise the amount of packaging that we bring into the cafe. Low food miles wherever we can.

Closed Loop Organics system

Since 2012 we have been composting all our green waste at Natural Temptation Cafe by leasing The Closed Loop Organics system which dehydrates our approx. 30 kg of green waste down to 3 kg of useable soil conditioner. This is available to our customers for donation per bag to RFDS.

Environmentally friendly packaging

At Natural Temptation Café, we no longer have plastic straws, plastic takeaway cutlery or plastic bags. We have just changed over all our takeaway food containers to sugar cane packaging. All our bio takeaway drink cups are biodegradable and our alfoil takeaway containers are recyclable. We encourage customers to bring their own reusable containers and cups in for us to fill if they want to play their part in being a sustainable community member.

Embrace businesses who support sustainability

Woman choosing fresh produce in supermarketWe believe it is important for businesses to educate their staff and the public that this is the way we need to do things now for the sake of the environment. We always are on the look out to find new ways of doing processes within the cafe with low waste outcomes in mind.

My message to all is to embrace those businesses who are incorporating sustainable practises as part of their processes. Support the regenerative farmers who grow our food and are looking after the health of our soils because whatever they are growing, vegetables grains or animal products. These farmers are the carers of our agricultural land and they do love their land as it is their livelihood. Support the small growers because we really need to get away from the mindset that bigger is better, biodiversity is the key and already many farmers are working towards this to nourish their soil. And lastly educate ourselves broadly so that we can be part of an informed change.

Love this planet……Honest to goodness, I do.