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Sourdough bread and its benefits

Why would you choose real sourdough bread over your average wonder white loaf or wholemeal commercial yeasted bread?

With sourdough, it is all about the taste and the benefits to your body. 
Sourdough is traditionally made with a longer fermentation time which aids in the absorption of food nutrients and helps with digestion. The active good bacteria in the sourdough levain helps to break down the “phytic acids” which occur in most whole grains. This is why real sourdough bread is easier to digest into the bodies system as these phytic acids inhibit digestion in the stomach and bowel.

Sliced sourdough bread by Natural Temptation Cafe

Breads made with a longer fermentation period keep you satisfied for longer as sourdough has a lower GI (glycaemic index) which slows down the digestion of sugars. The texture of sourdough is more chewy with a flavoursome taste unlike the quick yeasted commercial breads of many supermarkets.

Natural Temptation Café Sourdough Bread

At Natural Temptation Cafe, our sourdough is made by hand with an organic rye starter. We use our sourdough on our breakfast menu, served with our soup, our BLT’S and it is available to order for sandwiches or toasties on request.

Our sourdough fruit bread is very yummy and served toasted. At Natural Temptation Café we use a mix of 4 different soaked dried fruits. Fig, apricots, cranberries and natural sultanas lightly spiced with cardamom, cinnamon and nutmeg. Sourdough fruit bread is divine, lovely and satisfying, perfect for a mid morning or afternoon snack.

Next time you are at Natural Temptation Café why not try our sourdough bread for a change? Check out our breakfast menu or lunchtime menu for some examples.