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Regenerative Agriculture

Reversing Global Warming is a big step to helping our planet survive and is important for our quality of life as we know it. Living with a sustainable mindset is just one way of playing our part. However, to reduce Carbon emissions is one thing, but to get rid of the existing carbon overload is another. Plants, trees and vegetation capture carbon dioxide as part of their photosynthesis process. They release half of it and also release oxygen. The more ground cover, plants, trees and vegetation we have, the more carbon dioxide is being turned into a useful product to sustain our atmosphere.

Read below to learn more on the farming system known as Regenerative Agriculture and how it’s making big changes to the way our food producers work the soil:

  • What is Regenerative Agriculture?
  • The 5 principles Regenerative Agriculture follow
  • The Advantages of Regenerative Agriculture

What is Regenerative Agriculture?

This is a form of farming on a commercial scale using soil regeneration practices to grow food and pasture crops. It fosters a living farm system, which thrives around a food web of living plants, minerals, microbes and animals. When in harmony this makes for an extremely robust environment which builds rich soils to become a self-regenerating hive of productivity.

The 5 principles Regenerative Agriculture follow

harvesting carrotsRegenerative Agriculture follows 5 principles: keep soil covered, minimise soil disturbance, maximise crop diversity, maintain living root in the ground year-round and integrate livestock.

These 5 principles support a wholistic approach to food production on a large scale and have the added benefit of changing the mindset of mono crop farming, encouraging farmers to embrace diversity for environmental health. 

The Advantages of Regenerative Agriculture

The big bonus in all of this is less reliance on pesticides and chemical fertilizers and improved soil health. Foods grown on and in quality soil lead to improved nutrition for the consumer and that’s something that we certainly need right now more than ever. With a no till system there is also evidence of far less erosion and more top soil stability.

Take some time to support and educate yourselves about Regenerative Agriculture.

Watch the film “Kiss the Ground” and see how this could make a powerful difference to the health of planet Earth and start reversing our carbon build-up. Exciting topic.

 I for one am very excited that we have the power to make positive changes on a large scale and bring health back to this place we call our Earth.