Natural Temptation Café Pantry

Prana Chai Pack
Red Expresso - Rooibos Tea
Natural Temptation Cook Books
Filo Pasties
Awesome Sauce bottle
Sundowner Tart (serves 4-6)
Protein Ball packet of 6
Red Espresso Rooibos Tea
Prana Chai Tea (250g)
Five Senses Coffee Beans (1kg)

Local Honey
Recycle Jar Option Available


at Market Prices

Cafe Cookbook

First Temptation Cookbook
More Temptations Cookbook
Package of both Cookbooks

Frozen Food Packs

Pastie tray of 4
Spinach & Ricotta
Mushroom & Sourcream
Vegetable Spring Roll



Small Lasagne (serves 1 – 2)
Medium Lasagne (serves 4-6)
Large Lasagne (serves 6-8)



NTC Awesome Sauce
Natural Temptations Cookbook
Spring rolls
The hot one chilli sauce and Seedy dukkah
Frozen Take Home Spring Rolls
Frozen Take Home Mushroom
Frozen Take Home Spinach Pasties