Hot Food

Prepared in our kitchen with fresh ingredients and a healthy dose of passion. Select from our hot display that includes vegan, gluten free and dairy free choices.

Hot Food Served with Delicious Salads


Daily we prepare sumptuous salads with our own dressings & great culinary imagination!

Choose a plate of deliciousness from our daily selection
Small Plate. $7.50
Medium Plate $12
Large Plate $14

Add salad to your hot food choice:
1 Scoop $3.80
2 Scoops $7
3 Scoops $9
4 Scoops $10

Take Away Salads
Side Salad of your choice to add to your hot food selection. $6.50
Medium Tub $9.20
Large Tub $11

Fresh Wraps / Sandwiches

Mountain Bread Wrap $7.50
Wholemeal Sandwich $7.50
Café Baked Sourdough or Gluten Free Bread $8.50

All wraps & sandwiches spread with café made egg free mayo or tahini and filled with fresh salad.

Add extra tasties if you wish
Chicken $3
Tuna or Egg or Avocado $2.80 ea
Gherkin or Mustard Pickle $2
Cheese $2.50
Toasting $1.50

Roast Vege Wrap
Mountain bread wrap with mayo, greens
roasted vege, fetta & olives $10

Raw Wrap (gluten free /dairy free / vegan)
Vegetable wrap filled with fresh salad
avocado, herb slaw, beetroot $10


NTC Burgers so Yummy

Available until 3 p.m.
All burgers are made on a toasted wholemeal bun with our mayo (egg free)

Choose your sauce from Our Awesome sauce or Chutney
* With grilled cheddar or Not

Sourdough & Gluten Free available

Temptation Earth Burger
Filling of a nutritious Vege Pattie (V) & Salad $17

Temptation Tuna Burger
Filling of our tuna croquette & salad $17

Temptation Chicken Burger
Slice of rosemary herbed chicken loaf & salad $17

Tempty Bean Burger
Filled with tempty bean pattie (V,GF) salad with gerkin pickle & turmeric mustard mayo
Dine In or Takeaway $17

Temptation Bacon & Egg Burger
Local Preservative free Bacon with free range egg, salad & awesome sauce $18

BLT on Sourdough
Local Bacon Preservative free on toasted café
baked sourdough with our own mayo & awesome sauce $14

Bacon & Egg Toastie
Local Bacon Preservative free,fried free range egg,
café mayo & awesome sauce $12

Wrap by Natural Temptation Cafe

Turkish Bread

Delicious Turkish bread toasted with:

#1 Chicken, avocado, mayo, tomato chutney & cheddar $16

#2 Roasted Pumpkin, fetta, caramilised onion, rocket & aioli $16

#3 Roast Pumpkin, SD Tomato, Avocado,
Turmeric mayo with greens $16

Tijuana Nachos

Temptation Nachos
Corn Chips,our own herb bean salsa, cheese with sour cream on the side
Medium $12
Large $14.50
plus Avocado $3

Tijuana Fresh Vegan Nachos
Corn chips, our own herb bean salsa, with our 3 fresh vegan sauces
Medium $12
Large $14.50
plus Avocado $3