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All About Prana Chai Tea

“Chai” is the Hindu word for tea, which is derived from the word “cha” the Chinese word for tea. Masala tea came about because in India they love their spices and so decided to spice up their tea blends with cinnamon, cardamom, star anise, black pepper, cloves and ginger. There are many different blends of Masala Chai, it’s up to personal taste as to which is your favourite.

Prana Chai is an Australian product which evolved from the passion of 2 guys from Melbourne who on travelling for 4 years wanted to recreate their favourite chai blend on returning to Australia. They decided on a “sticky Chai” blend where the tea and spices are infused with raw honey to create a unique rich masala tea. Check out their story at Prana Chai.Prana Chai Tea

Natural Temptation Café Prana Chai Tea

At Natural Temptation Café, we love the ethos of the Prana Chai company and serve their “Only the Good Stuff Prana Chai”. We stock 250gm Prana to purchase in the Original blend, Turmeric Blend, Peppermint Blend and the new Agave Blend.

Have you tried Prana Chai Tea?

If you haven’t tried Prana Chai Tea yet, get yourself into Natural Temptation Cafe and try some this week. All choices of milk available from Soy, Almond, Coconut or Bannister Down fresh cows milk.