Natural Temptations Cafe - Our Story

Natural Temptation Café was born in 1989 when two enthusiastic young hippy gals, Annie & Katrina decided to move their small café from Good Earth Health & Surf Shop into the newly built Centrepoint Shopping Centre in Bunbury. After 5 years at Good Earth, The Naturally Good Surf shop café became The Natural Temptation Café of Centrepoint.

In 1991 Annie took over the reins of Natural Temptation Café at Centrepoint as a sole trader to continue on the nutritious whole food legacy which the two of them had first envisaged.

In 2011, the café relocated to 47 Stephen St just across the road from the shopping center to carry on for another 11 years until 2022.

After 31 years of running the Natural Temptation Café as a sole trader, Annie decided to hang up her apron and retire from the hectic shop front to enjoy less demanding pursuits.

Culinary Roots

As a young 18-year-old Annie travelled to Southern India to study Yoga at the Iyengar Institute and was influenced by the vegetarian foods she discovered on her travels.

The café’s culinary roots came from creative vegetarian cooking with the firm belief that health lies in the foods we choose to eat. Recipes evolved with nutrition in mind using natural whole foods free from additives and preservatives. Initially the menu was completely vegetarian with some free-range meat options being added over the years as the customer base evolved into a more diversified market looking for choice of healthier meat options.

Fresh & Inspiring Sustainability

Natural Temptation Café point of difference was the daily fresh preparation of their menu and willingness to adapt recipes to cater for customers with allergy issues.

The café also used the Closed Loop Organic system to dispose of all café food wastes and create a usable product to be available for customers for use on their own gardens. All packaging was compostable and customers reusable cups and own take away containers were encouraged.

What Now

Natural Temptation Café cookbooks “First Temptation” & “More Temptations” are available on the website along with Individual Recipe Cards of our most popular recipes created after our 2 books were printed.
Annie also makes bottled produce from her Organic Vege Patch where she has beehives and grows many edible flowers. Dried and fresh edible flowers are available for purchase.

As she loves gardening so much, she has an aged care Garden Care service on offer to assist those who can no longer do all their weeding and pruning. This service offers an opportunity to engage in social contact for those clients who can’t get out as much but love to be able to make a cup of tea for someone and enjoy a chat.

Annie Malone - Natural Temptation Cafe