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A letter from Annie to Natural Temptation Café customers

Dearest wonderful Natural Temptation Café customers,

In 2019 I made the decision to begin plans for my retirement from the rigours of running the café after 31 years at that time. 31 years of maintaining and keeping the Good Food legacy alive and kicking in Bunbury. The concept which Katrina and I began in 1989 has been a unique and successful model, embraced by food passionate people of the South West and those visiting our region from further afield.

Born from those hippy alternative beliefs which had shaped my teenage and early 20’s, Natural Temptation evolved to what it is today, proof that you CAN succeed without compromising the integrity of the original concept. I owe a huge debt to you, my customers for embracing that concept as well and enjoying the tasty bounty.

In unsettling times, the café has been rock solid because of YOU, our strong and loyal customer base.

So, what happens to this beautiful space, one of a kind menu and inspirational, iconic venue? Many are genuinely saddened and can’t imagine Bunbury without their Temptation. However, everything begins, runs its course, evolves and then sometimes ends.  I had hoped that some creative soul appeared to make it something else, similar but different to the space I have been fortunate to be successful in creating. I am sure that when I vacate this building and take the heart of my 33 year old baby with me, the door will be open for new ideas and concepts.

While I am keen to venture into less demanding interests, I will sincerely miss the friends I have made while being behind the Temptation counter, the joy of serving you all and especially the privilege of cooking and creating for your health and tasty pleasure. It truly has been an honour to be so appreciated…… The tears are flowing a little now!!… well quite a lot actually…but onwards I will go.

With this said, I hope you will forgive me for looking forward to taking my foot off the pedal and retiring from the café but know that I am eternally grateful for you, my wonderful following who embraced the Natural Temptation Café and made the journey possible for us all.

Thank you to all those who have already come in to chat, to have a moment with me and share stories of what the café and the space has meant to them. Precious words and memories for me to be sure.

I will be keeping the Natural Temptation website running to host a blog with recipes, new ventures and sustainable info for those interested.