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The Natural Temptation Café
- The Recipes Live on.

Where Annie and The Temptresses have invited you to taste the delights of food created with a whole lot of love
….…since 1989 we have been passionate about feeding the body and soul foods to nourish.
The cafe is now closed (as of Saturday 2nd April 2022) but the recipes and memories can live on at your place with one of Annie’s cookbooks.

Natural Temptation Cookbook available while stocks last.

Annie’s recipes were developed and tested within the café kitchen and are available in
Natural Temptation Cafe two cookbooks. Lots of favourite temptations and memories as well.

Enjoy these recipes when you purchase one of both of our cookbooks.

The Natural Temptation Café is now Closed

Natural Temptation Cook Books
Mini Lemon Cheesecakes

A letter from Annie to Natural Temptation

My dearest Natural Temptation,

It’s been a wonderful journey you and I have had together. 33 years of learning, evolving, and challenging each other. You have pushed me to be more than I thought I could be, allowed me to apply my creativity through food and showed me that marketing is easy if you love and believe in your product, staying true to your core values. All these things you believed would stand the test of time.

When we started out at Centrepoint in 1989, Katrina and I workshopping your name and what your ideals would be, we had no idea that you would grow into such a beautiful strong soul with a quiet confidence and unwavering integrity.

A letter from Annie to Natural Temptation Café customers

Dearest wonderful Natural Temptation Café customers,

In 2019 I made the decision to begin plans for my retirement from the rigours of running the café after 31 years at that time. 31 years of maintaining and keeping the Good Food legacy alive and kicking in Bunbury. The concept which Katrina and I began in 1989 has been a unique and successful model, embraced by food passionate people of the South West and those visiting our region from further afield.

Born from those hippy alternative beliefs which had shaped my teenage and early 20’s, Natural Temptation evolved to what it is today, proof that you CAN succeed without compromising the integrity of the original concept. I owe a huge debt to you, my customers for embracing that concept as well and enjoying the tasty bounty.

In unsettling times, the café has been rock solid because of YOU, our strong and loyal customer base.

Natural Temptation is now closed

Natural Temptation is now closed

Natural Temptation is now closed

First Temptation Cook Book
raw cakes