Staff Stories


Our leading temptress Annie was the footloose hippy girl that started Natural Temptation Café in 1989 with fellow hippy, vego foodie Katrina. Now she is the well established owner of this legendary café.

Annie’s interests in food, besides being vegetarian, are all about wholesome unadulterated ingredients. Organic and bio- dynamic are words that really get her excited!!

She loves to run, cycle and enter crazy endurance events because she can. In between working and the above she will be found gardening, building compost heaps, practicing piano or ukulele.

Annie thrives on the adrenaline of running a business with all it’s day to day challenges. She is absolutely passionate about ethical business practice and loves the human interaction aspect her work.


In between her crazy busy life as a mum, Lecturer in pastry cooking, Artistic skater (Competitor and Coach) and Farmers wife, we are blessed to have Anne cooking up a storm in our kitchen.

Not a lot of lentils were cooked in her time as a pastry chef! She has embraced the savoury world with enthusiasm and after a little trepidation has become immersed in the philosophy of the café. The sweet stuff still gets a look in with fabulous muffins, cakes and slices. The adventure continues for the girl who now enjoys her daily green smoothie….


Terri joined the Natural Temptation Café team in the kitchen before tripping off to Europe to walk the Camino trail. She came back to us though and now heads up the front of house service, training all our young lovelies in the finer skills of Natural Temptation service. We love her down to earth manner, country common sense and her naughty big laugh.



Jules is mother to us all, customers as well. She dashes around the café making sure that everyone is alright and bending their knees when they lift anything heavy. She will often call you “Darling” and once said “love you” to a customer instead of “thank-you, have a nice day”. Jules loves serving our customers quickly, having a little chat as she is about it. She is a whizz at doing dishes and keeps us entertained with her stories and life experiences.


Klara is our young and arty kitchen team member. Coming from a beautician background she has swapped the makeup brush and colour palette for the chopping board and cooks knife. She has remarkable taste buds and can discern “awesome” from “mediocrity” when it comes to a salad dressing. Her attention to detail borders on the obsessive but she thinks “well hell, if it’s going to taste good, it has to look good”. She is the pocket rocket of the kitchen and her hair is always neat and tidy no matter how hard her day has been.


Gemma joined the Natural Temptation team as our 14 year old Saturday dishy and now she has her car license. She loves working Saturdays so she has an excuse to sleep in on Sundays. She is studying hard so she doesn’t have to mop floors for the rest of her life, even though she is exceptionally good at it. She has been at the café for so long that she knows how to do everything.


Barry, who is that guy who is seen doing the dishes sometimes and leaving the café with platters of food?. Well, Barry is a friend who was with Annie when Natural Temptation Café started in 1989. He delivers the catering orders now for the café and in return, he gets to come into the kitchen, tell some jokes and  do a few dishes while his lunch is being made. When he is not doing this he sells real estate, runs, cycles and chats with everyone.